Thursday, 1 May 2014

happy, beachy, family days

Well, after four glorious, beachy, friend-and-chocolate-filled days in Wollongong, we ventured slightly further down the coast to Huskisson.

Our family has made a commitment to taking a yearly getaway 'just us'. With most of our holidays spent travelling interstate to visit extended family and friends, we want to make sure our own family time doesn't get lost in the hustle and bustle. We usually take three or four days at the coast, but due to some bigger breaks later this year, we decided to just add a couple days to the end of our lovely Wollongong trip.

It was a quick trip but totally worth it. We were visiting Huskisson for the first time - a stunning stretch of coastline with allegedly 'the whitest sand in the world' (Mark, growing up on Perth beaches, contests this statement!). We made the most of our limited time... that is, we hung out at the beach a lot. Seriously have never spent so much time at the beach in one trip, it seems to be a prime time for our family, and it's pretty awesome. I think it helps when the weather is neither freezing nor roasting, and the water is not yet icy!

Goodness me, I love just hanging out with my little clan.

And here unfoldeth a plethora of beach scenes...

(Hold your breath, if you wanna dive in!)

As if a little/lot of sand will stop him munching his apple!!

Digging a canal with Daddy was a major project...

Oh, Little Bear. Happy to sit, munch and survey the scene.

'Yo, Dad, need a little more digging along here....'
(Do you get the sense someone is doing a little more grunt work than someone else??)

Chilling at the beach at twilight is pretty much the best ever.
What is this face???? Ok, ok, I get the picture ;)

Wrapped in my cardi after soaking her clothes, because we went right to the beach when we arrived, and of course the kids wanted to dive right in and who could say no?! #hopelesslyunpreparedparents 
Sticky face!
Lily munches on her lollipop. The kids got $5 holiday money (ooh, fancy) and chose to spend it on a huge lollipop from
the main street chocolate shop :) (I chose Maple and Pecan toffee cos Mama needs a holiday treat too, right?!)
Beach hair. 
Somebody thought they would take themselves on a little climb to explore the dunes!!
Hey, don't look at me, I'm off on an adventure!

Beautiful boy! Oh my heart. He is pure sunshine. Totally cruised through our holiday, happy with broken naps and being toted to and fro, content to soak in every change of scenery. My little bear xx

The siblings join in. I keep thinking the novelty of a baby brother will wear off but no. They just adore him. Always.
Every now and then I think, goodness me, why haven't I taken any nice photos of the kids all together. Tsk, tsk.
Then I try it and remember why...... (pls note the sand flinging!!!)

His giggly happy face. Love.

Thanks to hubby for snapping some pics of me with my little bear. Love the other two roaming around too.
So happy to have shots of Miles in the Ergo. This carrier has held my babies so close to me. Ok, yes, I totally just teared up at the idea of ever getting rid of it!! 

Little legs - ready to hit the beach once more.

Hyam's Beach - allegedly the whitest sand in the world. You be the judge ;)

How can I help but take a million photos of this kid when he is a different character in every one??
Mr Charisma, he's got personality in spades :)

Mark actually swam too - the water is very warm this time of year! Check out the layers of blue,
so pretty. (Btw I am aware these photos are not aligned correctly, I can't work out how to fix it, argh!!!)

Our coolest beach find was a Port Jackson shark's egg! I didn't believe it when
Mark told us that's what it was, but Google confirms! Amazing.

Happy, beachy, family days.

It was such a refreshing and rejuvenating time away together. Holidays are so, so good - but hey, real life has its perks too ;)


  1. WOAH! SO many glorious shots! I can tell you were all soaking up the beach. And look at all the cracker shots you got! Love the ones of Mark and Eli working together, Lilt in the water with the cardi, Miles in the dunes and the siblings shots progression (Miles in the middle - two outta three ain't bad ;) ) You tried, you tried!
    But my favs are of you with Miles in the Ergo. Such shots of you with your little one :) LOVE THEM!

    1. thanks amber :) yes it was one of our best beach trips, just lovely and relaxing. x

  2. Whoa! I wanna go on holiday with you!!! So much to love Kate, you've really outdone yourself! My faves are Miles sneaking around on the dunes (im a sucker for sun flare as you know!) and the 3 sweethearts altogether.

    And the shots of you with M in the ergo are stunning. Great job Mark! And don't get rid of the ergo, save it for the grandbabies!!! ;)

    1. judging by the fun we all had at the beach last year, i think holidaying together would be even more awesome!!! :) thanks for popping in andi and yes i am getting kinda addicted to sunflare too now, heehee!

      mmmm i like how you think, yes perhaps i will keep the ergo for grandbabies and even if the kids dont want it i can use it to tote them around, how fun (and bizarre to think about!!)

  3. Oh the pictures with you wearing Miles: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want to be on this beach!!!

    1. thanks julia you are always so supportive! its a gorgeous beach and imagine all of our crew hanging out there together?!!


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