Sunday, 6 April 2014

14/52 - oh, eli!


Her first home-reader. The Goats.

Pretty sure it won't be on any best-seller lists, and okay, the vocabulary was pretty very limited but still...

watching my daughter slowly, carefully read her own way through her very first book was every shade of awesome.

This flourishing reader thing? It's magical. It's just taken me by surprise, how amazing it would be to watch it unfurl. She is like a heat-seeking missile searching out the written word in all it's forms and I just love to watch her embrace the world of literacy!

PS Readings of The Goats shall be taking place at our home, 7pm, all this week. Tickets available via Ticketek.


Lucky me, got to be 'parent helper' at Eli's playschool this week.

He was thrilled to have me there and it was lovely to see how comfortably he has fitted himself into this new world of school. I am sure having the most caring and creative teacher in the world helps too (Amber!). 

I loved seeing him hang out with his buddies, follow the school routine and in a myriad of other ways show me what a big boy he has become.

Best of all was him telling me a dozen times how much he loved having me there with him :)

He is stepping out.... watch out world!


Ready to celebrate the first birthday of his best buddy, Blake, he was also pretty fascinated 
with the colourful pinata!


Whipping up a batch of Banana, Berry and Coconut pancakes, as is his Saturday morning routine... 

Yummm - thanks, honey!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013.

 More highlights from the week that was...

A beautiful sensory experience with dinosaurs at Playschool
Nothing quite like coming home from the gym to find the family engaged in a little pre-bed craft activity (making a
water fountain, apparently).
Lately, she has been offering to do 'babysitting'. Of course, I quickly accept!! She takes Miles and hauls him around the house and garden. They giggle and play and enjoy their flourishing bond. How lovely it is to have a mini-mama! Having a big enough age gap to witness this kind of relationship is just so cool.


We decided to play a fun little April Fool's prank by dying the milk Blue. The
kids gave us some serious side-eye at this bizarre circumstance, whilst we
giggled away. Oh, the things parent's do to amuse themselves!
Eli helps pick the first bounty from our vegie patch - a lovely bunch of kale that
was quickly made into kale chips and eaten in a jiffy!

Love our little weekly school-snack bake-up together. My taste-tester takes his task seriously!

So many beautiful moments with E this week but this was the highlight... 

His beloved Bee went AWOL a few months ago. Bee slowly moved from 'misplaced' to apparently 'lost for good'. Eli asked about him every now and then but I had no idea what happened, and secretly planned to buy a replacement for his birthday. Then we got a surprise from awesome Uncle Iain! They had discovered Bee hiding under the bed from our stay on January 1st!!! Iain kindly posted him back with an adorable note of explanation from Bee as to his absence. These beautiful expressions pretty much explain Eli's utter surprise and glee... and Bee has not left his side since. Welcome back, Bee!

The moment of recognition... 'Mama!! It's Bee!!!'


  1. Love seeing some one else with lots of images. I'm not alone - yay!
    P.S: Your kids are adorable!

    1. yes, so hard to resist them all, huh! perhaps i should split them up like you do... but im too lazy ;)

  2. I love seeing photos of children reading. It is such a wonderful thing to watch the world open up to them through written words. Lovely shots :-)

    1. it really is a delight to see isnt it!! thanks for your comment :)

  3. Very exciting to see Lily reading. What joy, and such a special time.
    Great seeing Eli come into his own and so glad Bee returned :)
    Loved the black and white of Lily CARRYING Miles. She is such a little Mum. Miles's face is changing. Could he get more beautiful !!! xxxx Great week Kate, thank you for sharing :)))

    1. thanks marg! yes you will be amazed by lilys reading - ooh i know she could do some over skype soon! yes Lily is a great little mum for sure and Miles is growing up sooo much! x

  4. Such a lovely collection of photos this week, Kate! I love the ones of Lily and Miles together, it must be so lovely watching their bond develop and flourish. And what an amazing experience, watching Lily learn to read! She looks very proud of herself, as she should be. I also love the photos of Eli as he discovers his long lost Bee in the post bag, so precious. :-)

    1. thanks brooke! yeah its been wonderful to watch the reading process unfold - something i didnt really think about how it would happen and how cool it would be! eli is sooo happy to be reunited w bee. and YAY your comment survived, haha!!! thanks :)

  5. Hi, this is the first time I visit and I'm so impressed by your photography! Your family is beautiful and your blog really pleases the eye! I'll definitely come back.

    1. thanks so much Elsa, lovely to have you pop in and comment :) always welcome x


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