Saturday, 8 March 2014

10/52 - trio in pyjamas


The sweetest moments of each school day...

Holding hands, swinging them together, as we walk the footpath to and from school. Hearing her chatter about the day to come and the day that was. A moment to connect before and after the disconnect.

Little hand in mine... yet not so little for so long.


He called me to his room in excitement one morning, to announce upon my arrival -

'Dese cars having a Bible Study!'

And quite a gathering it is, too! ;)


My little intrepid explorer.

Is anything safe from his grasp?

Umm.... basically, nothing!


His 'deep in conversation' pose. 

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

After raking in the profits from her Art Sale, she's saving for big things but
couldn't resist making a little purchase when she went to Aldi with Dad. She
pondered long and hard before choosing a little five pack of chocolate. When
she came home and opened the pack, she was grinning as proud as
one could grin... so much so, she had to grab her cheeks and proclaim 'I'm just
so happy, I can't stop smiling!!!'
I guess it feels pretty darn good to earn your
first dollar and experience the pride and pleasure in spending it!

While making her first chocolate purchase, Lily also insisted on spending her
own money to buy Eli this little gumball machine he had been eyeing . She was
so excited to bring it home and give it to him. He was a happy boy.
And yes, this mother was so very touched at her generosity too!

This scene: Eli sits quietly, intently watching Lily as she draws.
Eli: 'Dat's a beautiful picture, Lily!
Lily: Thank you, Eli, do you want me to write 'Lily and Eli' on it?
Eli: Yes, pwease!!
Mum: (melt, melt, melt. He really is the most adoring and appreciative little brother that ever there was)

The wonderful Perth contingent of grandparents generously and thoughtfully sent our trio a package of winter PJs.
Three cute, colourful, NEW and clean sets of PJs all at once?? Well, you know that calls for a little photo shoot!
Thanks Marg and Dave, the PJs are super cute and cosy, and of course enhance the natural cuteness of your trio
of grandchildren!!! Thanks for always thinking of us :)

Oh, these adorable little tootsies. I love each and every one!!

Miles is starting to get a little concerned about all the fun and games...time to wrap up!

Homework has begun! I have mixed feelings about homework. Whilst I know it can sometimes support and extend learning, I also strongly feel kids really need that precious time out of school just to *play*, relax, decompress, be with their family and explore other interests. Not to mention it's often a source of angst for busy families, especially working ones. Oh yeah, and the research that says it's often of little-to-no benefit! I was considering what our family approach would be, when we received a note from her school. It said that they recognised that some families want their kids to get homework and others do not, for various reasons. Each family could simply check a box on the form as to whether they wanted their child to receive homework. If not - it wouldn't be mentioned to the child or affect their schooling. Needless to say, I was very pleased at our school's sensitive and conscious approach! Right now, Lily loves to do it and knocks it out the second she walks in the door in under five minutes. So, we are going with it. But it's great to know we can opt out if/when it becomes a burden for her or for the rest of the family dynamic! Phew ;)


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Love the pj photos, so cute! Have the most wonderful start to your week.

  2. Seriously? That little moment between Lily and Eli at the art table - melt my heart and I'm not even their mother!!! How utterly sweet!

    And the photos of them three in their new PJ's were adorable, what generous and thoughtful grandparents to send them!

    1. thanks andi! yes it was definitely a very heart warming moment... they can be so guileless in their affectioon, its just lovely to see. and nothing quite like a new set of pjs huh :) so cosy and cute! xxx

  3. Oh I love the photos of all 3 together! And well done you for managing it!!


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